For more than 130 years, PAUL has been serving its customers, accompanying their different lifestyles and continually reinventing the contours of the traditional baking profession.

Very early on, we developed a full range of fast food à la française, but we also offered takeaway coffee to our customers. At the time, this consisted of so many new trades for a bakery/pastry shop!

In this same pioneering spirit, we are investing today in the world of the coffee shop with our PAUL LE CAFÉ concept. In fact, this idea is already embedded in our DNA. Did you know that our very first PAUL, in addition to being a renowned bakery in Lille, was also a very famous tea and coffee shop? PAUL LE CAFÉ pays homage to this first Maison de Qualité both in the liberal interpretation of its Art Deco style and in the very French art of associating coffee with succulent viennoiseries, irresistible patisseries, or freshly prepared savory snacks. A warm and welcoming world of good things, just like my grandparents’ coffee shop. Welcome to PAUL LE CAFÉ!

PAUL LE CAFÉ embodies a turning point in the history of PAUL bakeries. By placing coffee and drinks more generally at the heart of the offering and the store design, the brand welcomes its customers to a new generation of boutiques where the smell of freshly ground coffee mixes with that of viennoiseries warm from the oven. This concept targets younger customers who are less formal and very focused on the consumption of hot and cold drinks.

UL LE CAFÉ offers different types of sale, by way of adapting to customer expectations and to different site layouts.

Customers take their products with them to consume away from the shop.
Tray service
Customers buy their products at the take-away counter and eat them in-house without table service. Although this is not the case in France, some countries prefer to retain a table service format in the true spirit of Parisian cafés, aligning more closely with the expectations of their local customers.
Self-service (Grab and Go)
It is perfectly possible for a PAUL LE CAFÉ to offer some of its products in a self-service display. The products are wrapped and presented in a display case where clients help themselves before paying at the till. Viennoiseries and coffee will be the only products served at the classic counter for quality purposes

We have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, inspired by the colours of coffee itself, as well as by the very first PAUL!

With deep black – the emblematic colour of PAUL – and variations of brown, the dominant colours of our coffee-shops are those of the divine beverage itself. They are brightened up with notes of terracotta-red, the colour of coffee “cherries”, the pretty berries that ripen on coffee trees and protect the precious seeds that we roast to create those marvellous coffee “beans”. These are cosy hues that warm you even before you dip your lips into your favourite latte.

In terms of design, from the graphic tiles to the rosewood-coloured details, we took our inspiration from the very first PAUL boutique. When it was created, it was a little Art Deco gem, as well as being (already!) a renowned tea and coffee shop